Ridge Burns
Ridge Burns

The Joy of Working in Community


March 2022

When I think about my career, there are parts of my jobs that I’ve loved and parts I’ve just had to grind out and work through, but the one thing I will tell you is that no matter where I’ve served and no matter what organizations I’ve led, we’ve worked as a community – as the body of Christ. It’s good being able to say as a leader to the people who report to me, “I trust you. I will resource you. I will help you and guide you, but I will also give you freedom to be you.”

If you give people enough resources and enough encouragement, they will amaze you with how good they are. They will amaze you at how powerfully they handle their responsibilities. When I think about the management team I am currently part of (for the next few days!), I think about how we trust each other and love each other. We’re not fighting with each other or grabbing for power. It’s because, at the root of that relationship, I want to be a yes person. I want to say to them, “Yes, you can do that. Yes, that’s a good idea.” Yes has power, and it builds strong community.