Ridge Burns
Ridge Burns

Letting Go


March 2022

There’s no question: when you are finishing your career and moving into retirement, it’s a slow, long, and sometimes agonizing process of letting go. I’ve had to think through what that means. How do I let go in a way that makes sense and propels the organization after I leave? How do I leave with an attitude of graciousness and thankfulness?

I’ve discovered as I’ve talked to people who’ve gone through this journey before me that it’s not letting go to the next person, not letting go to the staff that remains. It’s letting go to God. You hand the ministry up and say, “It has been so great for You to allow me to be part of this movement of You, and I thank you. I release the ministry into Your hands. I release my relationships into Your hands, and those that are important for me to keep, Lord, I ask You to provide incredible ways to stay connected.”

How do you let go? It’s not easy, but you hand it to our living God.