Consider More: The Righteousness of God

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As the world responds to so much constant change, I’ve begun to wonder how our views will be challenged scripturally? As a mission, we hope to have 2021 be the year we make time to discuss important issues. Now is a great time to ensure we’re evaluating ourselves, sharpening our minds, and preparing our hearts.

Our InFaith team has developed a new podcast series to do just that, called Consider More. Every other month, we’ll be releasing a new podcast to our field staff to hopefully encourage continual learning and engagement with difficult topics. And occasionally, like this month, we’ll share that out with the rest of you as well.

In our first podcast, I spoke with Abby Mason who shared about the “Righteousness of God.” This podcast is about 20 minutes and will challenge your views on Luther’s premises and offer scriptural nuance to back that up. I encourage you to take the time to listen to this podcast and consider how you may be challenged by the righteousness of God. So, grab a cup of coffee, and listen to this first installment of Consider More