Local Reach: Southern, California

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A story of reaching local and changing lives in Southern, CA with Keith Stringfellow. 

InFaith missionary Keith Stringfellow had planned an outreach event for the youth in the area but sadly no kids showed up. Even though the turnout was not what they were hoping for, they switched gears and instead made it an event for the families that came out to volunteer. 

Keith led the program through which he shared the gospel and unbeknownst to him there was a young man in attendance who was visiting with family who had never really been involved in church. He was moved by the grace and Truth that was presented to him that day and right after wanted to stop and buy his very own bible. Tragically, this young man died in a motorcycle accident only 2 weeks later.  

His parents said the church event had moved their son toward Christ and was confirmation that he was pursuing Jesus. 

We never know when the last opportunity may be to share the gospel with someone, but God works in mysterious ways and can redeem any situation for his glory and our good.