InFaith enables called and committed followers of Christ to serve with purpose and passion within our nation's borders.

three wooden crosses on a hill

Passion for God: We love God and desire to have others come into a personal relationship with the Savior. We value each person as an individual who has a need to recognize his or her lostness and need for a Savior. We believe the Scriptures are the primary way God speaks to us.

Focused: We are about connecting people with relevant ministry in the United States. We believe that people transformed by Jesus will be a redemptive community, causing winds of revival within our nation’s borders.

Spiritual Relationships: We want to be people who come alongside individuals and help them understand what it means to be a Christ-follower. We affirm each person’s giftedness and will help others use their gifts in Kingdom service.

Catalyst for Community: We are a people who value the church. We seek to bring people together for worship, community, teaching, and ministry.

Ears that Hear: As we talk to God in prayer, we listen carefully for His voice as revealed in Scripture and through the work of the Spirit. We are a people who are committed to asking God to reveal His will to us through careful and consistent corporate and private prayer.

Peacemakers: While holding tightly to our statement of faith, we seek to focus on that which brings unity and common purpose. We refrain from controversy and divisive issues that cause strife, choosing to center on Jesus and His redemptive work.

Relevance: As culture changes, we will adjust our methods to be relevant to whomever God brings our way. We are cognizant of our rich history, which we see as a foundation for the future. Like our founders, we are pioneers. We seek relevance through evaluation of our methods as we teach the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing culture.

Clean Hearts: We are a broken people. When we make mistakes, we respond graciously, asking for and giving forgiveness. We come to the cross as equals, people who have a sinful nature and have experienced the miracle of grace from our Savior.

Commitment to Each Other: We are a group of Christ-followers who intentionally live out what it means to be the family of God, submitting to each other, willingly accountable, and genuinely caring for those who are called to our common work.