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Field staff are our long-term service option. InFaith's field staff reach local: responding to needs, introducing people in the United States to Jesus, and encouraging them to follow Him more closely. They serve long-term—with no end date in mind. (We have some people who have been with us for over forty years!)


Those called to serve as full-time field staff with InFaith devote their full time (thirty or more hours per week) and attention to InFaith ministries and raise financial support to fund personal and ministry budgets. Those called to serve as part-time field staff with InFaith commit to sixteen to twenty-nine hours per week in InFaith ministry and raise a lower level of financial support.


Some members of our field staff come to InFaith knowing how and where they are called to serve, while others respond to ministry opportunities discovered and publicized by the mission.


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Interns are our mid-term service option. For people who are seriously exploring a call to mission work in the United States, we offer yearlong supervised ministry experiences.


The internships are designed to help Christ-followers discover God's call on their lives, identify their spiritual and ministry gifts, recruit prayer and financial partners, develop ministry skills, and gain experience that will prepare them to serve effectively. Each intern will serve in the United States under the supervision of an InFaith mentor who serves on our field staff.


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Summer Staff are our short-term service option. Serve for a summer ministering alongside InFaith field staff anywhere in the United States.


Serving with InFaith for the summer is a fantastic way for you to get a taste of ministry here in the United States. It's the chance to get a real look at the everyday work of a missionary to the U.S. Our summer staff is vital to our ongoing ministry in the United States. Joining us for the summer is a way to develop and extend our reach into our local areas.


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Start Your Own Ministry

InFaith specializes in enabling you to live out your call. Bring us an idea for ministry here in the U.S. and we can help you make it happen as a member of our field staff. Learn more!

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Check out all of our open opportunities throughout the United States and see if any of them might be just what you're looking for.

Highlighted Opportunity

We are looking for a full-time executive director for a youth shelter in The Dalles, Oregon. The Youth Empowerment Shelter serves among the approximately 300 runaway/homeless youth in crisis and their families by providing practical, emotional, and spiritual guidance. Learn more here!