Live InFaith

Reach Local. Change Lives. 

We reach local because we are local. Because we live in our local communities, we can see the needs that no one else is meeting. We can see why God put us in our locale—how our strengths meet the particular needs there in a beautiful way.

As our field staff sees and responds to the needs in each of their local communities, transformation happens at a grassroots level. The lonely individual living in a retirement home is visited. The single mom's car is fixed for just the cost of parts. The child who has nowhere to go after school gets interaction and homework help, while the person struggling with despair finds hope. Teenagers bombarded by noise and technology get a week at camp to unplug and hear God in a new way. The immigrant struggling to adjust is taught English and job skills. The one who is searching is shown how to study the Word of God, and those weighed down by work stress have a listening ear. And person by person, in towns and cities and rural landscapes around the United States, the movement of God's kingdom is changing lives.