Ken Alford

Field Staff

Easton, WA
United States

Area Ministry Chaplaincy Children/Youth Cross-Cultural Pastorate Prison Rural Ministry Seniors

Dr. Ken Alford serves in Easton, WA where he strives to bring God into the lives of people who are hurting and dealing with uncertain times. Ken has spent most of his life in pastoral ministry. He has served 27 years in the Army service where he retired as a Chaplain (Colonel). He also spent 10 years as a hospital chaplain and 5 years in law enforcement chaplaincy. Ken is compassionate and understanding of the people God has called him to reach and is always seeking new opportunities for the lost and hurting.

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Local Reach

Ken’s local is in Upper Kittitas County in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state. It is extremely rural but is also connected and influenced by the communities all along Interstate 90, which flows right through the mountain valley. The specific needs of Ken’s local are vast, including homelessness, poverty, drugs, families, extended families, youth and children, and spiritual development.

Ken’s reach consists of leading in the way he follows the Lord. He strives to bring the touch of God to the lives of real people in their humblest moments of chaos and uncertainty. Ken’s main focus is to develop and support ministries and ministry leaders through counseling, credentialing, writing, preaching, teaching, coaching, interim support, and whatever he may learn along the way. He is developing his ministry as he goes, using the LAMP protocol which stands for: learning, assessing, monitoring, and planning.

Ken became an associate with InFaith in 2021.

Ken has spent the majority of his life preaching and teaching the Bible but has used his talents across many fields. He has a doctorate degree in Ministry Counseling and Church Planting and has spent 40 years in pastoral ministry. He served 27 years in the Army service and retired as a Chaplain (Colonel), 10 years in hospital chaplaincy, and 5 years in law enforcement chaplaincy.

Ken has also had significant experience in suicide and crisis intervention. He has over 30 years of involvement in various educational settings and impacting the lives of many young people. He is also proficient in Kione Greek!

Easton, WA
United States

47.23706, -121.1789787