Freddy Moran

Field Staff

Monmouth, OR
United States

Chaplaincy Cross-Cultural Discipleship Pastorate

Freddy serves the Monmouth-Independence community in Polk County, Oregon as a first responder chaplain. He currently serves both police departments as well as the fire department to assist them in tragic events occurring in the community. Primarily, he makes himself available to provide emotional, mental, and spiritual support to the first responders who experience trauma exponentially more than the average person.

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Local Reach

Freddy began his ministry outreach in Portland, Oregon in 2012 volunteering as a workplace chaplain. His goal: to care for those in the workplace that are struggling and just need support. Freddy has served with InFaith since 2014, right about the same time he moved to Polk County.

In 2017, he was able to come on board with a group of local, volunteer chaplains who serve with the fire and police departments in the rural towns of Monmouth and Independence. The group serves the community by assisting first responders during tragic events within the community. This led him to find his passion in serving the first responders. Freddy visits the departments on a consistent basis to build and maintain relationships and trust with the workers.

This ministry is definitely a somber one, but also very rewarding to be able to support and uphold those who support and uphold the entire community! They need care that goes beyond what most are able to give. Freddy has been getting all the training and resources he can from conferences and other experienced chaplains over the last five years to be able to serve this area well.

As Freddy helps the first responders, he says his wife, Shelley, and his 5 amazing kids help him by supporting him 100% in this ministry. They make quite the team! The call of God on their lives is to minister in the community they live in, and to engage deeply with the neighbors on their block, no matter where God calls them.

Monmouth, OR
United States

44.8484524, -123.2339888