Daniel & Julee McIntosh

Field Staff

Beattyville, KY
United States

Area Ministry Discipleship Pastorate Rural Ministry Seniors

Daniel and Julee McIntosh have a deep passion for the people in rural, southeastern Kentucky. Pastoring a county church and providing community outreach to all ages are just some of the things Daniel and Julee have done to serve their community. They hope their actions can help change lives and lead others to a Christ-centered life.

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Local Reach

Daniel and Julee serve in southeastern Kentucky, a rural area with only a few small towns and counties within their scope. This has given them great opportunities to reach out to those around them, getting to know others well.

The economic background of southeastern Kentucky is one of the poorest in America. This means many people feel stuck, with little hope of making it far in life. There is a high use of drugs, and many children do not live with their biological parents.

Despite all this, the area is still highly religious and most are church-friendly, and friendly to strangers. This friendliness and openness create a great opportunity to form a connection with the local community. Even with this bright note, there is still much brokenness and people desperately need to see the love of God in action.

After seeing the need in their community, Daniel and Julee began reaching out to those near them and in surrounding counties through ministering at churches with pastoral care and youth group attendance. Reaching out to their local youth has been a primary focus as Daniel and Julee have hosted many activities and events to encourage them and share the gospel. Some of the events include afterschool programs and summer camp.

Julee is involved in Community outreach through Nursing Homes and a place called the Hub. It provides services such as AA, NARC, and Celebrate Recovery. She also disciples through a Bible Study.

The McIntoshes became approved candidates with InFaith in 2020.

Daniel and Julee have been helping their local community for many years now and have helped guide others to Christ. They are family-oriented with five children, one daughter-in-law, two sons-in-law (to be), and four grandchildren. They love people and enjoy the opportunity of meeting and befriending others.

Beattyville, KY
United States

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