David Mohr


Independence, OR
United States

Area Ministry Camping Children/Youth Discipleship Young Adult

David serves out of Independence, Oregon as a youth pastor and an auto mechanics instructor to junior high and high school students. He also helps at a summer camp and disciples/mentors young men, encouraging his brothers in Christ and serving through vehicle repair to those who are in need. He does this by offering free labor vehicles repairs, free oil changes and offers free driving lessons to those in need.

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Local Reach

David’s ministry is focused mainly in a suburban town near Salem, Oregon, the state's capital city. It’s on the west side of the Willamette River in the Willamette Valley. The area is very beautiful with many activities to do outdoors.

David’s town of Independence is a historic town from the 1900s that thrived on shipping and farming. The people there are kind and generous with a lot of young adults from the college in the town they are connected to. There are not a lot of good-paying jobs in the area, which makes it difficult for many families to get by. This leads to poverty issues where both parents need to work just to make it financially. In return, their kids are left to raise themselves with little to no guidance. This is where David hopes to step in and reach out to youth and older folks alike to share hope with those who feel lost.

David's ministry specifically is to reach the youth in the area who are dealing with trauma-related issues. His goal is to mentor them all the way into adulthood. He does Bible studies for youth and young adults who desire to grow closer to the Lord or just learn about Him. He also writes blogs on his website.

In addition to these ministry efforts, David is also a skilled mechanic and repairs cars for people who are in a rough spot in his community and need help with automotive repairs. He also has a desire to reach veterans who struggle with PTSD and/or TBI which is something David combats daily.

David became an approved candidate with InFaith in 2022.

David is married to his beautiful wife Rhandie, and they have 3 kids together (Lily, Elijah, and Makayla). David previously worked with youth but left it behind to join the military. The next 13 years were difficult, but God blessed him with his wife and amazing family through those times. Several years ago, God grabbed and changed David’s heart to serve in his local community.

David says this about how his journey with the Lord led him to pursue ministry, “He redeemed me and my family. I owe Jesus my life and am so privileged to be able to serve Him in this way.”

Independence, OR
United States

44.8512305, -123.1867655