Dennis & Bethany Tilzey


Port Orchard, WA
United States

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Dennis and Bethany Tilzey serve in Port Orchard, Washington, where they run a ministry called One Less Orphan which uses a retail store model to reach the lost in their community. They use this storefront as their tool to evangelize, serve, love, and support those who walk through their doors.

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Local Reach

The Tilzeys serve in Port Orchard, Washington, with their storefront, One Less Orphan. Their local is comprised of military families, working-class individuals, and senior citizens. The second-largest high school in the state of Washington is just a few blocks away. The area around the store includes a wide range of demographics—from conservative homeschooling families to addicts living in a homeless encampment nearby. This diverse community makeup provides a vital touch point for their ministry across many different backgrounds.

Due to their diverse local, the Tilzeys have a wide reach in their community. This includes orphans, widows, homeless people, adoptive families, foster families, aged-out foster youth, homeless teens, homeschooling families, pastors, military, senior citizens, and children. They work to reach these people through a variety of events they host, such as puppet shows, magic shows, CEF News Clubs, and more.

Dennis and Bethany Tilzey became candidates with InFaith in 2023. They have nine children, ranging from Sam and Melina who are both attending Bible college, to Solomon and Sadie, both newly adopted babies with special needs. The Tilzeys have a heart for adoption with four of their nine children being adopted.

Prior to launching the One Less Orphan ministry, Dennis spent 30 years in the aerospace engineering field. Bethany has been a homeschooling mom for about two decades (with another two to go!). Both are Bible college graduates.

They have been serving the community at One Less Orphan since 2019 and joined InFaith in 2023. Bethany’s parents have served with InFaith for several years and were a motivating factor for the Tilzeys to join this fantastic mission agency.

Port Orchard, WA
United States

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