Doris & Dave Jasperson

Field Staff

Rice Lake, WI
United States

Discipleship Prison

Doris and Dave Jasperson work together in Barron County, Wisconsin to support adult addicts and offenders with the tools and faith-based support they need in order to rebuild their lives and restore and create healthy relationships. The Gap (opened in 2016) is a center for learning, fellowship, and ministry for those in recovery; The Bridge (opened in 2018) is the Jaspersons’ home where they rent rooms for those serious about their recovery in a faith-based, supportive environment; and The Gap Garage (opened in 2021) is a clean, dry, warm garage with necessary tools for those active in recovery to do repair and maintenance on their own cars. 

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Check out Doris and Dave's ministry update video here.

Doris and Dave Jasperson serve in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, a city of 8,500 which serves as the shopping, industrial, educational, and medical hub for the surrounding rural communities. Abuse of alcohol has been in the # 1 position of most common substance abused in Barron County since records have been kept—until 2016 when methamphetamine took over the #1 position.

The Gap is a place of learning, accountability, and support for addicts who are ready to turn their lives around. This restored home in a residential neighborhood opened up in July 2016 as an answer to the need for relational and spiritual support for those coming out of county jail who wanted their lives to be different, but were finding themselves back with the wrong people and in the wrong places.

The Bridge is short-term affordable housing for men coming out of incarceration who need accountability and a sober, supportive place to live. These men have “burned bridges” because of repeated poor choices, leaving little hope for finding sober housing since few, if any, landlords will rent to those with criminal histories--and understandably so. The Bridge is home to Dave and Doris as well as a second chance for those in recovery to have a safe, sober, supportive place to live and earn a positive letter of reference for a future landlord.

The Gap Garage is a place where donated cars can be made road-ready, then be sold at an affordable price to individuals working hard on their recovery. It is also a clean, dry, warm garage with necessary tools for those active in recovery to do repair and maintenance on their own cars.

Whatever the addiction – meth, heroin, marijuana, opioids, gambling, alcohol, or pornography – there is a person behind it with a story of pain, brokenness, and shame. Hopelessness reigns in the life of an addict. For those who want things to be different, the road to recovery when taken alone is filled with disappointments and repeated failures.

God wants to heal the broken and bring hope and strength to the weak. He is using Doris and Dave in the lives of those in recovery to introduce them to Himself and bring those who have lost their way back to Him.

The Jaspersons receive referrals from the courts, probation, Health & Human Services, churches and social media as well as word-of-mouth.

The Jaspersons have served as InFaith field staff since 2016.

Doris was a registered nurse for twenty-five years before returning to school to study Christian counseling. She has worked with low- to high-risk offenders since 2012 doing victim-offender conferencing and teaching a cognitive-based curriculum. For many years Dave owned his own business, Property Care & Repair, maintaining and repairing seniors’ homes and properties.

In 2015, when Dave and Doris took on the task of renovating a badly damaged old house, they realized they were being called to turn this restored house into a place of restoration for those in the community. Having worked with those involved in the justice system since 2012, Doris recognized a large gap in services for the emotional and spiritual needs of those trying to turn their lives around. The Jaspersons named this place of education and ministry The Gap.

God put on Dave’s heart the need for housing and transportation for those in recovery. His dream to have rooms to rent and reliable transportation is now being realized in The Bridge and The Gap Garage.

Doris explains, "God has given me the passion to teach and care for individuals involved in the justice system who want a better life and are willing to make changes to make that happen. By developing relationships and giving them tools, we motivate and encourage them to make positive changes, as well as repairing and restoring broken relationships. It is a privilege and a joy to introduce them to God's kindness, mercy, and grace in the process."

Rice Lake, WI
United States

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Gap Garage Fund
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Donate to Doris and Dave Jasperson's Gap Garage Fund to help their ministry. The Gap Garage provides the tools and a place for those in active recovery from addiction to repair their own cars so they can get to work, probation, support groups, church, laundromat, and other necessary places. We also take donated cars that may need minor repairs, fix them up, and gift them (or sell at a manageable cost) to those in need who are in recovery.