Emily Mitchell

Field Staff

Philadelphia, PA
United States

Discipleship Urban Ministry Young Adult

Emily Mitchell reaches women in Philadelphia’s shelter system by offering discipleship and mentoring to those who are unconnected to emotional and spiritual support. Her goal is to offer the hope that God gives to everyone, and help connect the local church to this unseen need.

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Local Reach

Emily Mitchell serves in West Philadelphia and University City; an area with a diverse conglomerate of people. Within walking distance of her neighborhood there are two major universities, several churches, five mosques, and historical homes. It is an urban mix of drastically different kinds of people.

The shelter system is filled with women and children that go unnoticed by the larger population. Many of these women are trying to figure out life alone, and need wisdom for life and the knowledge that they are valuable and loved by God.

Philadelphia has the highest poverty rate of any major city in the US. The complexities, frustrations, and heartbreak of this statistic are prevalent. In an area of so much diversity, it's easy for people to "stick to their own" and form different pockets, while those in need remain untouched, even by the church community.

After seeing the needs in her community, Emily began to serve the overlooked population of women in the Philadelphia shelter system by offering spiritual discipleship and mentoring to those who are unconnected to emotional and spiritual support. Her goal is to create awareness in the local Philadelphia churches and involve them and others in this opportunity to minister to these women and children.

Emily Mitchell has served as InFaith field staff since 2019.

Emily says she “has been blessed with many opportunities to grow spiritually and learn what it means to serve God.” After Bible college, she spent over a decade working as a hairdresser, and five years as a social worker in Philadelphia. These experiences provided Emily with countless opportunities to grow in understanding people and to work out Biblical truth in a practical way. She came to InFaith through the recommendation of Brian and Cheryl Mackey, who she’s grateful to have as friends and mentors.

Philadelphia, PA
United States

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