Joe Darrow

Field Staff

Philadelphia, PA
United States

Discipleship Pastorate Urban Ministry

Joe Darrow has been serving in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia since 1988. He helped plant Cornerstone Community Church to bring hope to the community through Christ and His church, reaching the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the community. His main focus is discipleship, both individually and in small groups. In 2013, he started working with David and Lisa Grainge to replant a local church in South Philadelphia, a community of ever-increasing immigrants and refugees.

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Local Reach

Joe and Janie Darrow serve in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The area is a multi-cultural community, and residents are generally from low-income households. The needs in Kensington are typical of many inner-city communities. Crime, drug and alcohol abuse, insufficient housing, and a lack of education are all prominent issues.

The neighborhood in South Philadelphia has many southeast Asian and central African refugees and immigrants. Snyder Avenue Congregational Church, a local multi-cultural church plant, seeks to blend the seven congregations comprised of these families.

After seeing the need in his community, Joe and two other InFaith couples planted a church in Kensington to help reach the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the community. Cornerstone Community Church focuses on bringing hope to the community through Christ and His church. The heart of our ministry is to see people changed through the gospel, explains Joe.

The church hosts many ministry and outreach events aimed at the surrounding Kensington community. It started by developing a teen and childrens ministry, including after-school tutoring, summer VBS, camps, and block parties. Through these programs, the church was able to start ministering to the parents of the teens and children in attendance.

Joe has recently invited Productive Lives to partner with his church to introduce people to the city and involve them in ministry.

Joe has served as InFaith field staff since 2001.

Joe has five children and ten grandchildren. He joined InFaith because of its focus on ministry in the United States. Joe feels called to reach inner-city communities.

Joe and his wife, Janie have been recently married and both are committed to reaching the lost.

Philadelphia, PA
United States

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