John and Anna Bazemore

John & Anna Bazemore

Field Staff

Colorado Springs, CO
United States

Area Ministry Discipleship Pastorate Urban Ministry

John and Anna desire to see people embrace, know, and share the Christian faith. Thus, they provide the opportunity for the unsaved to receive Christ through evangelism; teach, train, and equip Christians in their Christian life through small group and one-to-one discipleship; teach biblical principles related to family and marriage through marital counselling and marriage and family seminars; and provide pastoral care to people as they walk through life with them.  

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Local Reach

John and Anna Bazemore serve in Colorado Springs in El Paso County. The Bazemore’s serve a diverse local with people from all walks of life. Their hope is to meet the many needs of the people they serve and teach the gospel.

John and Anna Bazemore reach their community by developing and equipping Christians to spread the gospel. They do this in many ways, from small groups and one-on-one discipleship to marriage and family seminars. The Bazemore’s ministry is meant to help people grow in their faith, so they have a steadfast and true understanding of Christ. 

John and Anna Bazemore have been field staff with InFaith since 2023.

John and Anna have been in vocational ministry for 23 years. They served with Cru, local church ministry, and Tentmakers Bible Mission. They are excited to continue meeting their community's needs and sharing Christ's love and hope.

Colorado Springs, CO
United States

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