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Jordan & Hannah Hoffman


Kansas City, MO
United States

Area Ministry Children/Youth Discipleship Young Adult

Hannah Hoffman counsels and mentors young women in her community. She seeks to show others the love of Jesus showed His disciples. Her goal is to walk alongside these young women as they attempt to discover their purpose in Christ and their communities.

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Local Reach

Hannah serves in Kansas City which is highly diverse and is home to many different cultures and backgrounds. Most of the women that she works with come from urban backgrounds.

Hannah sees a lot of people who are judged based on how they look and therefore are not given many opportunities to succeed. There are also those many people in her local who have become guarded and angry about how they have been treated or hurt.

These broken and hurt people in Hannah’s local are the ones she wants to touch most with her ministry. To love those that others have overlooked and bear their burdens so that they will have the strength to grow. Through mentoring, Hannah can give these women the tools, information, and confidence to reach their goals and discover who they are in Christ.

Hannah Hoffman has been a candidate with InFaith since 2023.

Hannah has been a biblical counselor for two years but has been mentoring for about 10 years. She has a heart to help people with mental illness, relationship building, and conflict resolution. She has primarily worked with depression and married couples.

Hannah got married to her husband, Jordan, in June 2017 and they moved to Kansas City together shortly after! Jordan is her best friend, and they are each other's number 1 supporters. Hannah and Jordan love Kansas City so much and have built a community of friends there that point them toward the Lord always.

Kansas City, MO
United States

39.0997265, -94.5785667