Judy & Jerry Wiedemeier

Field Staff

Buffalo Center, IA
United States

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Judy and Jerry Wiedemeier began the “riding light” equine ministry after seeing the need in their Iowa community for Godly mentors and safe environments for local children. Their ministry uses horses as a means to build relationships with kids, who are paired with local mentors. The Wiedemeiers’ goal is to provide caring mentors and role models to aid children in making smart and biblical life choices.

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Judy and Jerry Wiedemeier serve in a small, rural community in north central Iowa, close to the Iowa-Minnesota border. The majority of residents are in the agricultural industry and related businesses.

While there are multiple churches in the area, all have seen a decrease in the attendance of young families and children. Due to this shift, there is a great need to reach out to local children with the gospel message. The Wiedemeiers use the local children’s passion for horses to build new relationships with caring adults and positive peer groups. 

After seeing the need in their community for Godly mentors and safe environments for local children, the Wiedemeiers began reaching out through the “riding light” equine ministry. With the desire to provide a positive influence in children’s lives, the ministry pairs students with mentors who show them Christ through action. The ministry also offers horsemanship days for youth groups and organizations.

Judy explains, “Children [in our community] often find themselves unsupervised with access to media and peer groups that do not promote wise life choices. Our goal is to provide caring mentors and a positive peer group to aid these children in making smart life choices.”

Judy also partners with local churches and other organizations to do youth outreach by doing hand-led horse/pony rides. They give students the opportunity to serve others in their community, while reaching other local youth. This helps their students develop confidence in their abilities as well as teaching them the blessing of giving of themselves to others.

In addition to their equine ministry, the Wiedemeiers also facilitate wintertime Bible studies at “The Triple J," their farm. These studies are open to children and their mentors to keep everyone growing in their relationships with God and each other. The Triple J is always open to visitors! If possible, Judy enjoys sharing the horses and other animals at the farm with short-term visits. These visits are arranged on an individual basis.

Judy and Jerry have served as InFaith field staff since May 2019.

The Wiedemeiers are the parents of four adult children who were adopted as “special needs” children. This experience began their desire to reach out to youth in Jesus’ name. They have been involved in AWANA, church youth groups, and Sunday school ministries.

Judy has worked with horses and kids for over twenty years. She has been involved in equine ministry for half of that time, serving at multiple area camps and youth mentoring outreaches. Through these experiences, Judy has seen repeatedly how a horse can bring out confidence and joy in a child.

Buffalo Center, IA
United States

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