Kerri Brown

Field Staff

Colcord, OK
United States

Area Ministry Children/Youth Discipleship Rural Ministry

Kerri Brown serves in Colcord, Oklahoma in the foothills of the Ozarks. She proclaims the gospel to children and families so they can live fruitful lives through Christ. This is done through Bible studies, small groups, mission trips, and other activities to spark a passion for Lord in the community.

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Local Reach

Kerri Brown serves in Colcord, Oklahoma which is a beautiful area nestled in the foothills of the Ozarks. Colcord is a rural community consisting of 900 people. There are cattle ranches and chicken farms for miles around, making it a fairly spread-out community.

Colcord has been ranked as one of the poorest towns in Oklahoma. There is generational poverty, which brings an attitude of helplessness, alcoholism, and drug use. This community needs the gospel to build a strong group of believers to reach those in need.

After seeing the need in her community, Kerri and her team got involved with public schools and work with their afterschool program teaching character education, providing voluntary chapel and Bible studies. They encourage the youth to attend the church where Kerri teaches Sunday school to teenagers. Kerri also runs Stable Life which uses horses to connect with students.

Kerri and her team ultimately try to reach all aspects of their community and work rigorously to figure out the best ways to do this.

Kerri Brown has served as InFaith field staff since 2019.

Kerri taught elementary school for 8 years in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. She was a resident staff at New Life Ranch Camp and Retreat Center for 21 years. In 1998 she designed a program called Right Lead, which is a ministry using horses and mentors to help students grow. It was that year Kerri felt called to serve the community of Colcord.

God has shown Kerri that it is time to begin a new chapter in order to get closer to the community. A friend told her about InFaith, and she fell in love with the mission to reach local. Now Kerri is excited to be an InFaith missionary and loves being able to do God’s work in her community.

Colcord, OK
United States

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