Lisa Craig

Field Staff

Newberry Springs, CA
United States

Area Ministry Camping Children/Youth Discipleship Rural Ministry Young Adult

Lisa Craig, carrying on the legacy of her late husband Larry, continues to serve with unwavering dedication in the California High Desert and southern Nevada. This region, characterized by its rural settings and diverse communities, offers unique challenges and opportunities for ministry.

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Local Reach

Lisa's work, deeply rooted in the values and mission she shared with Larry, encompasses a variety of vital ministries. She collaborates closely with local churches, providing support and enhancing outreach programs like Vacation Bible School and Bible studies. Her commitment to discipleship is unwavering, as she mentors individuals in their faith journey, empowering them to reach others in their communities.

The region Lisa serves is a tapestry of cultural and societal dynamics. It includes agricultural and mining communities, significant military presence, and a rich blend of Native American and Hispanic heritage. Here, the need for a tangible expression of Christ's love is profound, particularly among families facing challenges in maintaining healthy relationships. Lisa's ministry extends a hand of hope and support to these communities, addressing not just spiritual needs, but also physical and emotional well-being.

Key to Lisa's ministry is the use of camping programs as a platform for outreach across all age groups. These camps, ranging from summer and winter programs for children and youth to retreats for church groups and adventure-oriented backpacking trips, are instrumental in spreading the Gospel message. Her longstanding involvement in the AWANA program also underscores her commitment to nurturing the spiritual growth of younger generations.

Continuing the mission since 1977 as InFaith field staff, Lisa Craig embodies a legacy of faith and service. Raised in InFaith ministries alongside Larry, her life and ministry in the California Desert are a testament to their shared calling and dedication to serving the Lord.

In Lisa's words, echoing the sentiment she shared with Larry, "We found our calling and home in InFaith ministries, committed to serving God's purpose in our community."

Newberry Springs, CA
United States

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