Robert Payne

Field Staff

Auburn, CA
United States

Area Ministry

Robert Payne serves in Auburn, California where he plans to seek out those who are lost and lonely in his community. Robert has a huge heart to connect with others throughout the community and show them the love of Christ. He is an avid hiker and loves to experience the beauty of God’s creation.

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Local Reach

Robert lives in Auburn, California (also known as “Gold Country”) which is a lively energetic city that is known as the Endurance Capital of the world. The Auburn State Recreation Area has hosted a multitude of endurance events for over 50 years.

Robert has seen a lot of people moving to this area and it has been causing issues with so many people moving in a short time. There are more homeless people now than in past years, who desperately need help. Local care homes are getting to max capacity and there are many lonely residents with no family who need connection with people. There are also many recently released individuals from jail who have been let out with no direction, resources, or any type of road map to enter back into society.

Robert’s ministry reaches the homeless, seniors, and those recently released from jail. In his ministry Robert will be feeding and clothing the homeless in the area, ministering to seniors in the local care homes, and helping with resources for individuals recently released from jail. These are the main groups Robert has felt called to reach and share the love of Jesus Christ.

Robert has served as InFaith field staff since 2021.

He is currently taking online courses with the Christian Leaders Institute and is planning to receive his Bachelors in Christian Leadership. Robert and his wife Sarah are both in the fitness industry and are avid hikers. They love to be outdoors seeing the beauty of God’s creation. They also lead a home group that walks community neighborhoods, schools, and businesses and prays over those areas silently once a week.

Auburn, CA
United States

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