Ron and Katie Dodge

Ron & Katie Dodge


Appalachia, KY
United States

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Ron and Katie serve in Eastern Kentucky in the Appalachia area where they began their missionary journey in early 2023. Before moving to Kentucky, they were youth leaders at their church for several years, where they felt God’s call to full-time ministry. Partnering with InFaith has allowed them to dedicate their time fully to ministry and live among the people they have been serving since their arrival. 

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The Dodges live in an extremely rural part of Appalachia Kentucky. The community is welcoming and has been a true blessing to them as they strive to benefit the area spiritually. A major focus of their ministry is on children’s welfare, which is a central concern for the local population.

Employment in the area primarily revolves around timber and coal, industries that have dwindled over the years, causing economic decline. Larger cities with more employment opportunities are many miles away, and unreachable for some. While there is a general awareness of God in the region, the Dodges aim to expand and correct this understanding by teaching the Bible truthfully, not based on human opinions or assumptions.

The Dodges focus on reaching families, especially through youth ministry. They believe that by caring for the children, they can also reach the parents, leading to generational change. They are committed to meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of the community, emphasizing that it is never too late for anyone to come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ron and Katie became missionaries with InFaith in 2024. They have three children who are just as involved in loving on their community and sharing Christ in their own ways. Their missionary journey began in 2023 when God opened many doors for them in the Appalachian region. Both Ron and Katie are bible college students, and their partnership with InFaith allows them to dedicate their time to ministry and live among the people they serve.

Ron and Katie, along with their three children, are committed to their mission of sharing Christ's love and truth in their community.

Appalachia, KY
United States

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