Sharon Mathieu

Field Staff

Washington, DC
United States

Camping Children/Youth Church Planting Cross-Cultural Discipleship Pastorate Seniors Urban Ministry Young Adult

Sharon Mathieu has served for the past 50 years in inner city Washington D.C. through camps, Bible studies, prayer meetings, church services, community outreach, and friendship evangelism. She also shares the love of Christ with local children through Camp Dynamite.

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Local Reach

Sharon Mathieu serves in inner city Washington D.C., and lives and works specifically in Ward 8. Residents in this urban hub are mainly African American and lower to middle class economically. This community is incredibly underserved when it comes to resources. Sharon still lives and ministers in the same place, and in the same house that she and her late husband, Bob, moved to in 1971.

People are more effectively reached by first responding to their felt needs.

After seeing the need in her community, Sharon began ministering to all who would listen some fifty years ago. The effectiveness of her ministry is linked to the importance of living in the neighborhood where she serves.

Sharon’s ministry consists of church planting, computer learning centers, Bible clubs and studies, jail ministry, day camps, teachers’ resource center, and Extreme Makeover: Neighborhood Edition. She also shares the love of Christ with local children through Camp Dynamite, a popular and effective ministry that has been attended by over 4,000.

Sharon Mathieu has served as InFaith field staff since 1970.

Sharon has partnered with many other ministries throughout her life. Her ministry is characterized by creativity and strategic partnerships. She has been recognized with the Noble Character Award from over three hundred ministering women. Sharon and her husband, Bob, served faithfully together for 50 years, until his passing in early 2020.

Washington, DC
United States

38.9071923, -77.0368707