Timothy (TJ) & Charissa Morris

Field Staff

Georgetown, CA
United States

Area Ministry Camping Children/Youth Creative Discipleship Rural Ministry Young Adult

TJ and Charissa Morris are program directors at Forward Bible Camp. By keeping costs low, organizing over 100 volunteers each year, and encouraging churches to sponsor children from their areas, Forward Bible Camp is able to introduce many of these children to Jesus.

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Local Reach

TJ and Charissa Morris serve in Georgetown, a rural area in the Motherlode Field of California. Residents in this area are generally conservative and from lower-income families.

While there are a number of good churches throughout the community, many people never set foot in a church. There is a need for ministries in the community to reach those outside of the church, and particularly ministries aimed at local children and youth.

TJ and Charissa are program directors at Forward Bible Camp. The camp was started in 1934 and has a rich history of sharing Christ with the people of their community, known locally as "The Divide". The Divide is the land between the forks of the American River and reaches from Auburn to Placerville and includes local towns like Cool, Greenwood, Coloma, and Georgetown (where the Morrises live).

TJ reiterates the camps emphasis on introducing children to Jesus: "We train our staff to be ready to share Christ with the campers and make sure that our chapel speakers share the gospel as well. I have made it my goal that no camper can leave the property without hearing the gospel. We want all campers to have the opportunity either to meet Christ or grow closer to Him while they are here."

TJ and Charissa are also highly active at their local church, Cold Springs Church, in Placerville, CA.

The Morrises have served as InFaith field staff since 2006.

TJ and Charissa met in college, where they were two of only three students in a youth ministry class. Both wanted to work with youth, and both loved camping ministry, so they connected quickly. They spent their first two years of marriage interning at Forward Bible Camp, where Charissa grew up attending.

As the newlyweds gained experience with camp maintenance, rental arrangements, summer camp programming, kitchen duties, and more, the camp’s directors realized how much they could use a second couple to work alongside them. The camp board asked TJ and Charissa to join the staff full-time in 2008.

The Morrises have five children. They serve as a family and are all a fantastic addition to the ministry at Forward Bible Camp.

Georgetown, CA
United States

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