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Tyson Hennis


Lake Crystal, MN
United States

Area Ministry Chaplaincy Children/Youth Creative Discipleship Pastorate Prison Rural Ministry Urban Ministry Young Adult

Tyson Hennis is a missionary in Minnesota whose mission revolves around reaching the broken and marginalized within his community, particularly those in the prison system—prisoners, convicts, and those battling addiction. He is committed to guiding these individuals toward a deep understanding of Christ with the goal of igniting a transformation through which they can authentically live out their faith.

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Local Reach

Tyson serves in a diverse local encompassing rural, urban, and suburban areas. He sees a great deal of brokenness in his community that leaves many residents adrift and disconnected from church. His mission is to illuminate the path of love and care for those who feel estranged from conventional religious settings and emphasize that they are valued and cherished, regardless of their past.

Tyson reaches the lost and broken to help them know Christ. His goal is to help those who suffer from addiction and/or are incarcerated re-enter society so they can become the men and women they were created to be. He wants to show them they are loved and give them the support and guidance they need to be successful.

Tyson has been a candidate with InFaith since 2023. His testimony is one of hope and transformation.

Tyson’s journey over addiction spans nine years of sobriety—a testament to a life changed by Christ. He is determined to extend his hand back into the flames of addiction to rescue others still struggling and show them the redemptive power of Christ so they also can be saved.

A devoted father of one, Tyson ardently pursues spiritual growth and education, and currently is ordained while continuing to seek further formal education.

Lake Crystal, MN
United States

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