Wayne Wrzesinski

Field Staff

Southwest, WA
United States

Creative Discipleship

Wayne grew up and serves out of southwestern Washington, though the main focus of his ministry is to reach people digitally. As a digital missionary Wayne has a strong desire to reach those who are searching online. He wants to be able to connect with people where they are and help them take the next step in their journey with Jesus. Wayne creates all kinds of digital content from video series on his YouTube channel and TikTok where he has content to help others grow in their faith and provides a place for folks wrestling through doubt and learning more about the goodness of God.

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Local Reach

Wayne's geographic local is southwest Washington, the same place he grew up, but his ministry reaches mainly online, and his main ministry focus is on youth and younger families. Wayne uses digital communications to come alongside people on their journey with Jesus. He uses YouTube to share “Read Scripture Together” videos, Bible teaching, Christian living videos, and vlogs where he shares what he does in life. He uses Instagram and TikTok to share short encouraging videos and hopes to build community in a digital space. Wayne sees a great need for people to belong, to be able to have honest conversations about difficult topics, to be known and loved.

Wayne also wants to come alongside local churches and other ministries, working with them on digital ministry opportunities.

Most of Wayne’s ministry is online. He creates content on a wide variety of channels including YouTube, InstagramTikTok, and his website. It’s hard to find people who aren’t online — from grandmas to teenagers — people are online searching. People communicate through the internet now more than ever, and that’s why Wanye sees a great need to meet them where they are online. While churches use digital tools, many don’t have the staff to be intentional with their digital community. Wayne wants to bridge that gap to be able to connect with people where they are and help them take the next steps in their journey with Jesus.

According to some studies the average person spends over 2 hours on social media each day, with YouTube the second largest search engine on the internet.

Wayne became an approved candidate with InFaith in 2022.

He has a degree from Multnomah University in Portland, OR in Leadership and Ministry. He has spent many years volunteering in youth and worship ministries and a few years on staff at churches as a youth pastor.

He has been married to his wife Nicole for 19 years and they have 2 kids, Annabelle and Josiah. They love to play board games and Mario Kart as a family.

Southwest, WA
United States

47.5666038, -122.3867383