Circle: Autumn 2020


February 2021

Valley and clouds
Circle fall 2020

Never Stop Loving: All Kinds of Locals

We stand and wait in of one of the most challenging times in our recent history. After COVID-19 we all look at each other differently. Stimulus packages, ZOOM meetings, and grocery stores have tried to meet many of our needs in these past months. But who is standing in the gap for those who have no support network? Who is looking at America and its problems of brokenness and hopelessness that are now compounded with the reality of job loss, protests, riots, and political divides? Who is reaching into the deeply spiritual chasm in the hearts of men and women, boys and girls in our country?

Who is the body of Christ when there’s no one else to turn to? InFaith has been that presence for over 200 years. And we have an even greater call now! Those who serve in towns, rural areas, and cityscapes are seeing needs like never before.

As our people spoke into the needs of their local places during this pandemic, the fabric changed, and their “local”—one person at a time—was loved, cared for, and truly known in this time where so many felt unknown.

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