Local Reach: Port Orchard, Washington

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A story of reaching local and changing lives in Port Orchard, Washington, with Larry and Vonnie Pratt.

Sometimes God places you in the right place at the right time. InFaith missionaries Larry and Vonnie Pratt are puppeteers who travel all over the West Coast—and didn’t realize how important their next performance would be.

The day before they arrived at the church, the pastor’s wife called and told them their son—who was a father of ten—had died. The community was devastated. Upon hearing the news, the Pratts prayed then went ahead with their scheduled, planned performance.

After their show, an attendee approached them and said their performance, which they hadn’t changed at all, was exactly what they needed to hear.

The Pratts’ presentation encouraged a grieving family and community. Larry and Vonnie simply say, “Thank you, Lord.”