Local Reach: Rice Lake, Wisconsin

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A story of reaching local and changing lives in Rice Lake, Wisconsin with InFaith missionaries Doris and Dave Jasperson.

Doris and Dave work with people coming out of incarceration who are in recovery from drugs and alcohol. They believe Whatever the addiction – meth, heroin, marijuana, opioids, gambling, alcohol, or pornography – there is a person behind it with a story of pain, brokenness, and shame. Hopelessness reigns in the life of an addict. For those who want things to be different, the road to recovery when taken alone is filled with disappointments and repeated failures.

Doris recounts an individual who was coming out of jail that Doris and Dave walked alongside that they grew to love, and he loved them. A situation came up where Doris saw she could really help and tells the story in this short video.

Learn more about their ministry here: https://infaith.org/ministries/doris-dave-jasperson