The Mira Kim Candidate Story

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Mira Kim’s Candidate Story: The Journey to Ministry

“From a very young age I knew that I lived between two different cultures. When I became a youth missionary it became very clear that God was calling me to work with refugees.”

Mira was looking for a position in which to serve refugees, so she did a Google search and found a position with InFaith not far from her home in Philadelphia. “But when I prayed about it, I felt God saying, ‘Not yet.’” He then led Mira to a Bible-based trauma healing ministry training where one of her facilitators was an InFaith missionary. It brought the refugee ministry director position at InFaith up again to Mira and this time it felt right to apply.

“I'm in a very unique candidacy position because I'm stepping into an existing ministry where there's a legacy of what the Lord has done here through Pastor David and Lisa Grainge who have been working here for years. They've built a ministry of serving refugees,” says Mira. “If I were to break down my ministry into a couple of different umbrellas, the overarching umbrella would be trauma healing. We can tend to not only the spiritual, but deeper emotional needs of the refugees and immigrants living in our neighborhood.”

“I was born and raised in Philadelphia, so I feel like the opportunity to be able to serve your own neighborhood —there is nothing more rewarding than that!”

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