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Ken Quintus: Reaching Local in Mason City, Iowa

I serve locally in a post-jail, post-prison ministry. My ministry includes follow-up and one-on-one mentoring, small group Bible study and support groups, and transitional housing for men who are either on probation or parole. My main mission is to create an environment that helps position people to meet God through Jesus Christ.

I personally know what hurt feels like. I grew up at a young age as a down-and-outer in community. I have a heart for people that are being belittled and stereotyped as hopeless or unlovely. My passion is to come alongside these people and help them find their inner value, because they were created to have a purpose.

The Lord tugged at my heart one day when a gentleman in our county was arrested for the murder of a man in our town. I believe that God spoke to my heart saying, “You have the truth that can set men free, and you need to go to the jail and share that truth with this man.”

When I visit with someone in jail, I start out introducing myself, trying to make them feel that I'm not there to impose on their privacy. I'm not interested in why they are there. I just let them know that I care about them and am interested in the plan God has for their life—to turn away from darkness and into the light of Jesus Christ.

After people take part in ministries like our small group Bible studies, I have seen families reunited, individuals become employable, and people weeping as they give their hearts to Jesus. I've seen people relapse numerous times, but always come back to God.

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