Summer Staff Financial FAQs

Summer Staff Financial FAQs

What happens to the funds I raise for my Summer Mission with InFaith?

You will raise funds to pay for the entire cost of your summer mission with InFaith. For this InFaith agrees to pay up to $500/week (more in specific situations). However, InFaith also pays for worker’s compensation insurance, staff liability insurance, accident insurance, payroll taxes, and other overhead costs from the funds you raise. InFaith does this by charging a 5% administrative fee and also by deducting the cost of employer payroll FICA taxes from your support income. So for every $1.00 raised to support your summer mission experience you will receive $0.88 in pre-tax income.

How much can I earn?

In most cases you can earn up to $500/week. However, if your budget is not fully funded you will only receive what is available in your account.

What if I am able to raise more than $500/week?

InFaith will only pay you the agreed upon weekly amount. If you are able to raise more than you earn in your summer mission experience the funds go to help fund InFaith’s summer mission program in general.

Can the funds be returned to donors if I do not go on my summer mission or if it ends early?

No, once InFaith receives contributions and receipts the donor for the gift they cannot be returned. These funds will be used to support the general expenses of the summer mission program.

Can I transfer some of my support to another person?

No, the decision to use “extra” support for any other purpose can only be made by InFaith.

When will I get paid?

InFaith will pay summer missionaries once a month on the 25th. We pay for the full weeks served prior to the 25th of the current month.

Will I get paid if my support has not come in, or is coming in late?

InFaith is only able to pay from available funds raised. However, we will continue to make payroll distributions for summer service until October 25th. So if funds for your summer missionary work do not arrive until August or September and you have not received the full amount that you could have earned, we will continue to make salary distributions to you from available support raised.

When is the latest I can receive summer missionary support?

InFaith will not accept contributions after October 15th for summer missionary support.

Will I be able to know who has supported my summer mission work?

Once all your paperwork is submitted, you will have access to the online Ministry Hub where you can see how much support has been raised, the names of your donors, and other resources. You will receive instructions on how to log into the Ministry Hub when you complete all the paperwork.

Download a PDF of the Financial FAQs here.