September 2019

Video: Hope in the Midst of Addiction

Whatever the addiction – meth, alcohol, heroin, marijuana, opioids, gambling, or pornography – there is a person behind it with a story of pain, brokenness, and shame. Enter InFaith’s Doris and Dave Jasperson, who started The Gap—a refurbished old house where people in recovery can meet for support, accountability, mentoring, and counseling.


“There’s just no recovery without Jesus,” Doris says. “It’s about surrendering that mess of a life to God. [People coming out of addiction] need something way bigger than themselves.”


“If you want to change the community, you do it by changing one head, one heart, one addict, at a time,” says Judge Michael Bitney, presiding judge in Barron County’s treatment court. “[Doris and Dave] give hope to the hopeless.”


Watch the Jaspersons’ story here:


Want to help the Jaspersons in their ministry at The Gap? They could use assistance with cleaning, paper supplies, office work, food for meetings, and a social media manager. Go to for details.


Candidate Profile: Matthew & Simone McKinnon

Meet our candidates, Matthew & Simone McKinnon. They do community outreach and minister to youth and families through New Covenant Presbyterian Church.


Located between the blueberry capital of the world and the Liberty Bell, the McKinnons live and serve in a suburban area of south Jersey just outside of Philadelphia. Matthew and Simone teach the Bible and share the gospel through fun activities and are currently establishing a youth group and other community events to form relationships with local families.


Read more about Matthew & Simone to see if you’d like to partner with them and enable them to continue reaching out to young people to share God’s word.


Did you know? Your donations are shrinking.

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