Jerry Iamurri
Jerry Iamurri

Betty Glover


August 2022

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I had the privilege of meeting Betty Glover when I was in Tennessee two weeks ago. You may have seen InFaith’s video about her from several years ago. She was the first single female missionary to serve with InFaith. She served the mining communities in the mountains of Tennessee and greatly impacted families throughout the region.

She told me stories of a doctor giving her worm medicine by the gallon so she could administer it to children throughout the mountains. Of her car getting stuck in the mud during the rainy season, of women in her Bible study faithfully praying for the salvation of their husbands.

When I asked her what the most important lesson was that God taught her in all her years of ministry, she said, “Complete confidence in the Lord.” She would tell God she didn’t know what to do in a situation, and God would provide someone or some way to help. “I couldn’t do it myself,” Betty said. “But the Lord just provided whoever I needed.”

Near the end of our time together, Betty said, “I had a lot of experiences. And you’ll have a lot of experiences – different types - It’s a different age now. But the needs are still there.”

The needs are still there. I’m honored to be part of InFaith and the legacy of Betty’s work in Tennessee and to have a hand in supporting our current missionaries who are meeting the needs that are still there.