Jerry Iamurri
Jerry Iamurri

Camp Grace


July 2022

"One thing is certain, that the unity of believers in Christ must be made more manifest as an undeniable fact somehow, if the Church is to realize her vocation as a holy nation called out of darkness to show forth the virtues of Him whose name she bears, and win for Him the world's homage and faith...Without unity the Church can neither glorify Christ, commend Christianity as divine, nor have the glory of Christ abiding on herself." - A.B. Bruce

What an extraordinary week of Christian unity I just experienced at Camp Grace and Dry Creek in eastern Wyoming! At Camp Grace, about 70 students ages 10-18 plus over a dozen leaders, studied the Bible, played, sang, and worshipped the Lord Jesus Christ. On the last night, 30 children gave testimonies to God’s faithfulness in their lives. At least two campers prayed to become Christians and at least three spoke to me about being missionaries. Of all the wonderful things observed, one of the most encouraging was the way the campers responded to one another during the testimony night. However polished and practiced the campers were (or weren’t), they were met with pure affirmation and a lot of love as they put themselves “out there” and talked about how God is working in their young hearts.

Of course the Bible teaching, preaching, spiritual conversations, and organization were all greatly edifying as one would expect from a camp whose history goes back to the 1930’s. The unity of theology and purpose, the bold and clear proclamation of the gospel, and the warm relationships between campers, staff, and parents made it absolutely unforgettable.