Jerry Iamurri
Jerry Iamurri



September 2022

On a recent visit to the Pacific Northwest, I enjoyed being part of an Area Fellowship under the leadership of field director, Nathan Bath, and area coordinator, Tom Hiscox

While there, I had the privilege of participating in the presentation of a Certificate of Fellowship to the Little Church in the Valley in Stabler, WA. This church is led by Pastor John Vales and his wife Lisa. They are looking forward to receiving encouragement and equipping as a part of our InFaith: Northwest Oregon family. I am grateful for opportunities like these, where I can see firsthand the reach and impact of our field staff. I have been encouraged by the ways in which our missionaries not only care for the lost, but they also seek to empower and engage the saved. There is an authentic recognition of what it means to be a part of the body of Christ and my experience in the Northwest was a terrific example of that.  

In my time with InFaith thus far, I have been blessed to discover so many unique facets of our mission, one of which is our primary commitment to our "Local". Warmly welcoming another local church into fellowship so that they may experience the fullness and benefit of community is at the very core of our identity as a mission and as Christ-followers. My prayer is that as the Home Office leadership and staff seek to pursue the priorities that God has set before us: missionary care, next generation mobilization, and donor engagement, that our field staff will be even further propelled in their ministry efforts and Kingdom goals.