Jerry Iamurri
Jerry Iamurri

Generational Impact


August 2022

While visiting Camp Galilee in Tennessee this summer, I had the joy of spending some time with Mark & Mellissa Lay and witnessing the incredible ministry they are doing there. One afternoon while visiting Betty Glover (see last week's blog post), Mark shared a testimony that spoke to the generational impact of InFaith missionaries. I hope his story inspires you too:

I met Miss Glover and Miss Clarke as a young boy growing up in the mountains here, in Tennessee. They were known as the Bible Ladies - and everyone knew them. They were a tremendous pair - Miss Glover was bold and not afraid to speak her mind and Miss Clarke was incredibly handy. They invited me to Camp Galilee when I was little. My family and I then spent many summers serving at camp with them over the years. I loved it. But what they didn't realize was that a big part of what kept me coming back summer after summer were the nice tools they had. The ladies had some of the best tools around and I really enjoyed getting to use them. So much so that Miss Clarke took notice and said that when she passed, she would leave her tools for me. She was a woman of her word and when she passed, she left me her toolbox. It took several years before I was able to open the box. But one day as I was working at camp I needed a tool, and I thought what I needed just might be in there, so I retrieved the box and when I opened it, to my surprise - there were hardly any tools! Now, I don't know whether Miss Clarke knew what she was doing or not, but in that moment, I was convicted by the Holy Spirit. Miss Clarke and Miss Glover had equipped me with all the tools I ever needed for ministry, and they were never in that toolbox.

Mark and his wife, Mellissa, serve at Camp Galilee and continue to share the gospel and impact the lives of many throughout the LaFollette area. Over the course of the last year, they have expanded their ministry by building a horse-riding arena at Camp Galilee where they have begun to provide opportunities for people of all ages to learn to ride horses. Please join me in praying for this new chapter of ministry as the Lays seek to be obedient to God's leading in how to creatively reach their local.