Jerry Iamurri
Jerry Iamurri

Joe Kim


June 2022

As of last Friday, InFaith Missionary Pastor Joe Kim is the Moderator-Elect of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

Pastor Joe is one of those unique followers of Jesus who is passionate about creating Christian community where none exists and then sowing the seeds of God’s word, watering it with his prayers and cultivating it in collaboration with his brothers and sisters in Christ.

As Pastor Joe has gone about laying the foundations of the Hope-Philly church plant, he is keenly aware of the needs, feelings, and the concerns of other people—and he puts them ahead of his own.

At a recent Bible study led by Pastor Joe, a 7-year-old girl had composed some lyrics for a song—in crayon—from a torn page of a coloring book. As the Bible study was concluding, she walked up to Pastor Joe, lyrics in one hand and a pink child’s guitar in the other, and said, “Pastor Joe, will you put my words to music and sing my song to the group? Now?”

On the spot, without skipping a beat, Pastor Joe tuned the guitar, set the words to music, and sang the little girl’s song in front of the whole group. The smile on the child’s face said it all. He made her day and gave all of us gathered an example of Christlike leadership that places the highest significance on even the tiniest disciple.

Pastor Joe has a heart for people that seeks out the good of others and that will make him a wonderful addition to the long line of passionate InFaith missionaries and faithful EPC Moderators.