The Chaplain Dalsis Story

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Chaplain (Captain) Travis Dalsis: Reaching Local in Fort Polk, Louisiana

Soldiers face a unique set of challenges in their daily life, filled with hardships. But who can they turn to when they are overwhelmed or discouraged and need someone to listen? Chaplains walk alongside soldiers and go through the challenges and struggles soldiers face every day. Chaplains are the calming presence that soldiers need when their life can seem overwhelming.

Travis Dalsis is the epitome of what it means to be a chaplain. While he serves the 46th Engineer Battalion in Fort Polk, Louisiana, he pours his heart out to care for them. He helps them understand they are not going through their struggles alone. He loves his soldiers, and above all else, he loves his Lord.

The US Army is currently short 53 chaplains. This means at least 37,000 troops are without a spiritual guide. There is a need for chaplains more than ever.

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