Local Reach: Milford, Kansas

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At 16 years old, Kiah was struggling with anxiety and depression. She was isolating from her parents and hanging out with friends who encouraged her in gender identity struggles. She had turned her back on the God of her childhood. She was angry all the time, considered herself gender fluid, and agnostic. “But God was working even when I wasn’t acknowledging him,” she says. Kiah went to InFaith’s Extreme Kansas Camp, run by Shawn and Cheryl Ammons in the summer of 2022.

Kiah and her group of friends from camp

“I went to this camp angry and closed off,” Kiah says. “I had a goal of not paying attention during chapel, I didn’t want to change. It worked for a while, but on the last night of camp, the night known as prayer night, got to me. I prayed for the first time in months. People prayed for me all night, and if you were one of the people that prayed for me that night, let me tell you, those prayers worked more than you will ever know."

Kiah’s heart started to soften, and she signed up to go to the next week of camp. “I went home with the truth and change starting to take effect,” she says. During a prayer activity at the second week of camp, “God revealed truth that I needed to know about identity and self-worth. I went home even MORE changed than before.”

Kiah rededicated her life to Christ that summer and was baptized on Sept. 25, 2022 with the Ammons and 7 other staff from camp in attendance.