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David & Lisa Grainge: Reaching Local in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

David: It’s what Jesus calls us to do—go where the gospel is not preached; go make disciples of all nations. The nations have come here, to South Philadelphia, and we have an opportunity to share the gospel with refugees and immigrants from as far away as Cambodia and Africa.

Lisa: When a person comes here as a refugee, it can be very scary. There can be a language barrier. There are cultural differences. Often, these refugees have experienced a lot of trauma after living in refugee camps. They need hope. And we have the greatest hope of all—Jesus.

David: Our vision is to see a multiethnic church grow here. The neighborhood is diverse, and we want to have a church that reflects that diversity. It’s our privilege to come alongside people where they’re at and encourage them, help them get acclimated to their new country, and then share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Lisa: We live incarnationally—we go through life with our neighbors, sharing their joys and their pain, seeking to get to know them. And at the same time, we are able to share the gospel in the way we live alongside them.

David: As you reach your local community, it has far-reaching effects across the world. We can make a difference locally that goes far beyond our communities. Our church in South Philadelphia is known as a place where you can come, no matter who you are, and you’ll be served and loved and ultimately hear the gospel. And that's a beautiful thing.

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