Local Reach: Barstow, California

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A story of reaching local and changing lives in Barstow, CA with Paul & Micah Craig.

The opportunity to spread the love of Christ can sometimes be closer than we think. Missionaries Paul & Micah Craig serve local children and teens through several ministries. They often find themselves looking for ways to reach the lost through their camps and VBS, but sometimes the best opportunities to change someone’s life are right around the corner.

Over the past few months, Paul and Micah had the chance to minister to their next-door neighbor. Their neighbors had recently become foster parents to three young girls. These young girls had never heard of Christ before, but the Craigs were able to share the truth of Christ with them. They came to the Craigs’ VBS, then started coming to church, and then camp! These girls began to understand who God is and are now eager to dive into His word.

Learn more about their ministry here: https://infaith.org/ministries/paul-micah-craig