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Kevin & Gina Bickel: Reaching Local in Hungry Horse, Montana

Note: The Bickels have since been called to another ministry role. We bless them and are thankful for the work they’ve done in this community. 

Gina: The first time I came to Hungry Horse, I just fell in love with the kids. There’s a lot of brokenness in this community. Hungry Horse needs restoration, and they need Jesus. When people walk through the door, it’s our goal that they see the love of Jesus in everybody there—that they feel loved and part of a family.

Kevin: We play games with the kids that we just make up, and they end up laughing and encouraging each other. These kids are like any other—they have dreams and ambitions, and we want to fan that flame. In a lot of these kids’ lives, this is the only place that's showing them that love of Jesus.

Gina: Family supper is an important part of our ministry, where kids and volunteers eat together while building relationships. It creates an environment where the kids feel like they are part of a family, interacting with people who truly care about them.

Kevin: Our ministry exists because there is no other place like it. There’s no other place for these kids to go. Hungry Horse is just one local place. Most bigger maps of Montana don’t even include it. But that's the cool thing—there are people here that matter to Jesus.

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