Local Reach: Glade Park, Colorado

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A story of reaching local and changing lives in Glade Park, CO with Paul Lehman. 

There are so many people who are struggling or hurting around us that by showing just a small act of love and kindness can leave an everlasting impact on their lives. Paul saw the opportunity to help a woman who needed a great deal of help, so Paul and his church stepped in. 

Sadly, this woman wasn’t doing well and needed an operation, and she never woke up from it. During this grieving time, Paul was able to connect with her children, who were not talking to her at the time, and he was able to walk alongside them to help them grieve and to be a peacemaker. 

God gives us opportunities to step into people’s lives and show they that they are loved and cared for no matter how tough their situation may be. 

Learn more about Paul’s ministry here: https://infaith.org/ministries/paul-glenda-lehman