Local Reach: Portland, Oregon

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A story of reaching local and changing lives in Portland, OR with Tom Hiscox.

Many people turn to their pastor when they are going through a difficult time. But who do pastors turn to when their own life gets hard?

InFaith Missionary Tom Hiscox serves as a sounding board for pastors and church elders. Having served as a pastor himself, Tom understands the importance of pastors having someone they can turn to when they feel overwhelmed. Tom works with the leaders of 20+ small churches in the Portland Oregon area and takes time to encourage, equip, advise, and assist pastors and leaders.

Hear Tom share his story of when he realized the impact that his ministry had on a pastor he walked with during some difficult times. Much of Tom’s ministry is behind the scenes but the impact of his ministry has had a beautiful ripple effect as he seeks to serve those who serve others.

Learn more about Tom and his ministry here.