Local Reach: Shiawassee County, Michigan

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A story of reaching local and changing lives in Shiawassee County, MI with Dennis Sutherby. 

When we see people that are hurting and lost it can be difficult to always know how to help them. That’s where people like Dennis Sutherby come in. InFaith Missionary Dennis Sutherby comes alongside single men who are often broken or stuck in life and helps them grow in their relationship in Christ. 

In this video, Dennis shares about a man he has been discipling for the better part of a decade who was a dropout, depressed, mentally unstable, and basically non-functioning. Amazingly in the past year this man has made huge strides in life and is now married and is encouraging and ministering to people that were stuck like him. This is all because people like Dennis poured into this man and showed him, he was valued and loved by God. 

Missionaries like Dennis are crucial in local communities to show people, like the man in this story, that they are in fact loved by Christ. 

Learn more about Dennis and his ministry here: https://infaith.org/ministries/dennis-sutherby