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Rick Ediger: Reaching Local in Poncha Springs, Colorado

Why do I reach local? Because I am local—I live here, I work with these people and interact with them. I see them every day. They trust me.

I was in town one day when a lady approached me. She had a broken belt on her car, and I thought, “I can do this. I can fix this.” That’s where the vision for the Ministry Shop really started. Here in central Colorado, I saw a need—largely among single moms who were just trying to keep their cars running.

The scope of this ministry is huge. People are just so grateful. They say, “You don’t want anything in return?” I get to tell them, “No, this is my job to fix your car; this is my skill.” And through it all, Jesus is visible.

That’s what reaching local is all about. Our job is to go out and find those people that are falling through the cracks. No matter where you are, there are people around you who need Jesus. God just happened to put me here in central Colorado. And now I get to go out and find these people in the mountains and the valleys and share the gospel with them.

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