Why Reach Local?

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Ridge Burns, former Executive Director/CEO, InFaith

At InFaith, we try to find the dark. We go into our local communities where the light of Jesus needs to shine.

We do our best to identify a person's giftedness and passions, and then find local opportunities for them to use those gifts. And when they do, they find joy. They find God using them in ways they never thought possible. At InFaith, we can orchestrate that—we can see the person and see the ministry and put them together.

We do that with our donors too—people who have a passion for the United States can use their wealth and their gifts in places they have a heart for.

There are three ways you can become involved with InFaith.

  1. Join: We want you. We want your passion. And we want to apply that to specific places right here in our own country.
  2. Give: If you can't be out on the field, but still want to be involved in what God is doing in the United States, you can give to us. We promise that those resources will go directly to ministry.
  3. Pray: We take prayer seriously around here—we want to seek God's blessings and have His presence rest on us. So pray for us.

Why local? Because local is always there—it's our community. We at InFaith want you to reach into the local community and share the great news of the gospel. We have a team in place that will equip you and stay with you. So help us reach local.