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Jerry Iamurri

Jerry Iamurri, Executive Director/CEO

Jerry came to InFaith from the EPC (Evangelical Presbyterian Church), where he was the assistant stated clerk and chief governance officer. Prior to his time with the EPC, he held pastoral positions in Texas and Pennsylvania and worked as a lawyer in the district attorney’s office.


While studying and practicing law, Jerry began serving a small, inner-city congregation in the Frankford Section of Philadelphia. This "temporary" position lasted over six years. The church, the people, and his love for pastoral ministry grew significantly. The practice of law became a secondary ministry. Eventually, Jerry returned to full-time ministry as pastor of a rural church on the growing edge of the city. While serving as a pastor, he earned a doctorate from Gordon-Conwell Seminary, with his studies focused on encouraging pastors in 21st-century America.


“Evangelism, shepherding shepherds, personal advocacy, equipping, supporting, and encouraging missionaries and field staff – These are my greatest passions,” Jerry says. “I believe the Lord has called me to InFaith to bring years of non-profit, pastoral, and legal experience to a community of disciples to help them reach their goals of effectively sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ domestically through innovative means.”


Jerry and his wife, Sandi, have two children and live in the city of Philadelphia.


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Brian Mackey

Brian Mackey, Sr. Director of Human Resources

Brian Mackey and his wife Cheryl have two sons and live in a suburb of Philadelphia. Brian received his undergraduate degree in chemistry and worked as a scientist for over ten years. During that time Brian faithfully served Christ Community Church of Philadelphia as associate pastor, men's ministry leader, and both leader and participant in various other ministries. Brian has also been afforded the opportunity to teach on both the high school and collegiate level.


Brian first joined InFaith as a staffing coach - which involved bringing candidates through the process of becoming part of the InFaith family - before moving into the role of directing the Human Resources department.


"The most important information about me," Brian says, "is that I'm a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. The love of Jesus found me at a young age. Christ is the center of my life, and it is a great privilege to serve Him with the gifts and talents I've been given. I have a passion for people and love the opportunity to help them grow in Christ. I think of myself as a lighthouse that points people to Jesus by sharing the love God has given me."


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Megan DeHaven

Megan DeHaven, Director of Mobilization

Meg DeHaven was exposed to missions from a young age through the faithful commitment of her parents who intentionally pursued opportunities to grow, challenge, and deepen her faith. Meg recalls one such experience as a young child on a short-term mission trip that opened her eyes and broke her heart in a way that only God could — and in doing so, set her on a gospel-centered trajectory that propelled her calling into ministry. Meg entered full-time ministry after graduating college and served in a local church for nearly 14 years. She and her husband served youth, children, and their families outside of Philadelphia. It was a tremendous experience and time of growth as they sought to develop relationships amongst a diverse community, intentionally building bridges in order to cultivate trust and relationship in hopes that Christ would be made known.


With over a decade of next generation ministry and networking experience, Meg is always thinking about how she can connect prospective missionaries with some of the deepest needs facing America today. She’s excited to encourage, support, and invest in the lives of both current and prospective InFaith missionaries.


“I consider it one of the greatest privileges of my life to be called to serve Christ by serving others. It is with utmost earnestness that I seek to surrender myself in order that He might use me to grow His kingdom. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to support, encourage, and invest in the lives of those serving on the frontlines.”


Meg is married to Mike (InFaith’s Director of I.T.) and together they have 3 awesome kids. They live in a suburb of Philadelphia and love to find creative ways to live out their faith as a family in their community.


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Dan Sheldon

Dan Sheldon, Chief Financial Officer

The rhythm of the home where Dan grew up was God-centered, and his parents instilled in him the gift of faith in Jesus Christ. “Belief in a loving Father God who desired a relationship with me and made a way for me to know Him through the work of Jesus Christ, His only begotten son, came to me as naturally as learning to walk or talk,” Dan says, adding, “I’ve often been guilty of taking my faith for granted, but God does not let me stay long in those places, and in various ways He turns my attention towards Him again. One of those times came as I reflected on Ephesians 1:3 after the death of my father; I realized I truly have been ‘blessed with every spiritual blessing’ – far beyond my ability to describe in words.”


Dan attended Wheaton College for two years, and then transferred to Gordon College. It was at Gordon he met and fell in love with Deborah Oliveira, a godly young woman who loved him back. They were married in 1984 and have been blessed with four children.


Though he studied history and secondary education in college, Dan never did teach high-school history after his time of student teaching. He spent a few years casting about for a career before landing at a Christian nonprofit. Finding a place in non-profit finance and administration, Dan realized that God was calling him to serve this way in His Kingdom. He went to school at night and earned an MBA from Widener University.


“As a college student I can remember sitting way up in the rafters of the arena at the University of Illinois, attending the Urbana Mission Conference,” Dan says. “It was New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1979, and Billy Graham was delivering the closing message. He spoke about giving our lives in service to God and closed by asking everyone who was willing to follow God’s call to serve Him to stand up. I stayed glued to my seat, certain that I was the only one in the whole arena who was too selfish, too frightened, too unwilling to totally surrender control to God’s leading. But God would have His way with my life, anyway. And for the last twenty-five years it has been the joy of my life to serve Him with the my skills and gifts in non-profit finance and administration.”


Considering the call to service one of God’s many blessings, Dan has been serving with InFaith since Fall 2012. The spiritual blessings God has given him overflow to our mission as he oversees financial details for our donors and staff.


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