Hidden Local: Homeless Youth

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Hidden Local — A Young Man’s Journey Out of Homelessness

“I’d probably still be living under a bridge if it wasn’t for an InFaith youth shelter.”

Instead of going to school, Zach* spent his days scrounging for food and figuring out where he would sleep each night after his dad abandoned him when he was just 16-years-old. He soon started living under a bridge in his home state of Oregon—until an InFaith youth shelter gave him a place to call home.

Homelessness among children and youth is a hidden reality, experienced by over 1.2 million minors in the United States. They might be in your own community. If you’d like to reach more local realities similar to Zach’s, go to infaith.org/help.

*Name Changed


What's Next?So what's next?

Watch our 2-minute video on a few more ways you can partner with InFaith and make a difference in your community.